Valuing People, the strategic axis that determines Altri’s action focuses not only on the development of its employees, but also on all the people directly impacted by its activity, such as the resident communities of the places where it operates, or the suppliers with whom it works.

Altri Community Fellowship

Altri, within the framework of its social responsibility policy, develops and supports a set of initiatives and activities, which reflect the commitment made by the company to actively contribute to the creation of lasting and relevant relationships with the community of its industrial units and its forestry activity, in particular, through donations and logistical support.

In 2022, several initiatives were taken:

• No differences-E8G, an inclusive project 

• the “Tiles Mural” of the Residents’ Association, a collaborative project, both in Figueira da Foz 

• the Social Scholarships EPIS – Empresários pela Inclusão Social 

• the support to the Science Center in Constância 

• the support to Santa Casa da Misericórdia in the municipality of Vila Velha de Ródão 

• the support to the Recreational and Cultural Sports Center, in the municipality of Vila Velha de Ródão