Visits to Biodiversity Stations

05 dez 2023

The Biodiversity Stations (EBIO) are short walking routes (maximum 3 km), signalized on the ground through informative panels on the biological diversity to be observed by visitors. 

The panels act as a field guide and refer to iconic and easily observable species. Its main objective is to promote the participation of local communities (school population) and research institutions in the study and monitoring of biodiversity. It is thus intended to demonstrate to various groups of society the importance of sustainable forest management in the preservation of species of fauna and flora. 

The EBIO managed by Altri Florestal in Ribeira da Foz (Chamusca) and Quinta do Furadouro (Óbidos) were visited by the school community of the municipalities of Constância and Óbidos, within the scope of the Project Mission 360 of BIOND. It had the presence of 180 students and teachers and allowed to disclose the work of Altri but mainly it was a moment of education and environmental awareness.