Altri is a leading Portuguese cellulosic fibers producer and one of the most efficient European producers. 

The company is listed on Euronext Lisbon and a member of its main index (PSI).

Altri main focus is the production of cellulosic fibers, being one of the lowest cost producers in Europe.

Altri’s three cellulosic fibers mills – Celbi, Caima and Celtejo – have a technical capacity to produce above 1 million tonnes per year. Breakdown as follow: Celbi - 800,000 tonnes per year; Biotek - above 260,000 tonnes per year; Caima - above 115,000 tonnes per year.

Celbi and Celtejo produce BEKP. Caima is producing DWP.

Apart from the biomass, the company also has a strong focus on cogeneration. The pulp mills operated by Altri are entirely self sufficient on power that is produced through the burning of wood components not suitable for pulp production - the black liquor. In that sense, Altri sells about 500 GWh of electric power through cogeneration per year.

Altri’s rapid growth has been fuelled by successful acquisitions (Celtejo in 2005 and Celbi in 2006) and further integration and expansion. The main investment decision metric is Return on Capital Employed.

Our strategy is to maximize the value from our main asset – the forest – and to continue growing the pulp business, adding new incremental capacity through debottlenecking projects and through new value accreative options. In terms of stock market evolution, it should be noted that Altri shares started to be listed (March 2005) with a price of Euro 0.15 per share (adjusted value after spin-offs and stock-splits).

Company Identification

Altri, SGPS, S.A.

Public Company

Head Office:

Rua Manuel Pinto de Azevedo, 818

4100-320 Porto


Oporto Commercial Registry ans Fiscal Number 507 172 086

Share Capital: Euro 25,641,459

Nominal Share Value: Euro 0.125 per share

Number of Authorised Shares: 205,131,672 shares


Symbol: ALT