Altri Group obtains €50 million in Green Bonds for the “Caima Go Green” project

04 dez 2023

The Altri Group obtained financing of €50 million through the issuance of Green Bonds, with a maturity of up to five years, to the “Caima Go Green” Project.

With this operation, organized, assembled and fully subscribed by Banco BPI, it will be possible to finance the installation of a new biomass boiler and a new 5 MW turbo generator in Caima, in Constância, which will operate solely from residual forest biomass.

The new boiler will allow Caima to abandon fossil fuels throughout its production process, ensuring total energy autonomy from exclusively renewable sources. It will be the first Iberian company in its sector to reach this historic milestone.

With the new Caima boiler, Altri reinforces its commitment to the Group's main sustainability objectives, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and with the expectations of our stakeholders, which resulted in the definition of the Altri Group’s “2030 Commitment”.