Altri Group in the top 5 worldwide in sustainability

27 jun 2023

The Altri Group showed a significant improvement in the ESG Risk Ratings of Sustainalytics, a company owned by Morningstar, reaching the Top 5 among companies in the Paper and Forestry cluster worldwide.

After the improvement in 2022, in 2023 it presented another clear evolution, of 4.6 points, which allowed it to reach its best classification ever in the evaluation carried out by Sustainalytics: 14.7 points.

Altri is now among the top five companies in the Paper and Forestry cluster worldwide (out of a total of 81) in terms of sustainability. Considering the subset of global companies in the Paper and Pulp cluster, it is already in 4th place out of 59 companies.

"This result recognizes the Group's work in identifying, assessing and responding to the risks associated with ESG", says José de Pina, CEO of Altri, stressing that the classification achieved reinforces the status of "Company of Low Risk ESG" for investors.