Altri Florestal reduces CO2 emissions with three new hybrid excavators

30 mai 2022

Altri Florestal reduces CO2 emissions with three new hybrid excavators

Altri Florestal will soon have three new generation machines for its forestry and land preparation activities. These are excavators that use hybrid technology to reduce fuel consumption and thus emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere.

This new equipment, Volvo's EC250E Hybrid, have a unique hybrid hydraulic technology, using the repetitive up and down movement of the excavator's boom to charge an energy accumulator that uses it, then to power the engine.

This energy, which is normally wasted, is used to assist the hydraulic system to assist the machine's engine, requiring less effort, resulting in a reduction in the rotations required by the engine.

With all this technology, these excavators, marketed in Portugal by Ascendum Máquinas, will help Altri to accelerate in its goal of reducing the carbon footprint, as assumed in the “2030 Commitment”.

There is lower fuel consumption because of the hybrid system, with the Swedish manufacturer pointing to savings of up to 17% compared to the conventional version of the same machine. This same reduction is verified in terms of CO2 emissions, proving this to be a more environmentally friendly choice.

Other equipment with similar characteristics will be added to these machines throughout the year. The implementation of this project began in January of this year with the entry into service of Altri Florestal of the first hybrid machine, in this case, a new generation harvester.

Altri Group is determined to increase the fleet of state-of-the-art, highly efficient, and environmentally responsible forestry and land preparation machines. This determination will be constant in the coming years, with the entry into service of new units with this type of technology, or others that, in the meantime, will be made available by manufacturers (e.g. electric, hydrogen or synthetic fuel).