Altri Florestal gathers owners to show the work done to protect and value the forest

12 mai 2023

Altri Florestal organized the Second Meeting of Forest Owners in an action in which it seeks to demonstrate its recognition for the role they play in the promotion and sustainable management of the forest.

After Quinta do Furadouro, in 2022, in this 2nd Meeting the Forestry Owners visited Vale Lapão, in Alvares, Municipality of Góis, District of Coimbra. More than two dozen private, institutional and business owners from north to south of the country got to know the work carried out by Altri Florestal.

Accompanied by Altri Florestal's Land Management Team, but also by those responsible for the Altri Group's production area, they had the opportunity to verify in loco the management work that is done to protect, conserve and value their properties.

During this visit, various themes within Forestry Management carried out by Altri Florestal were addressed, such as the best practices in forestry and forest phytosanitary, all with the objective to protect forests.

Fire protection was another of the themes that marked this Second Meeting of Forest Owners, taking into account the climate changes that, year after year, have led the country to experience increasingly high temperatures. In addition to Altri Florestal's work, there are all of Afocelca's means of preventing and fighting fires.

The land of these Forest Owners is part of the approximately 90.4 thousand hectares of forest that the Altri Group manages in Portugal. Part of it, 10.1 thousand hectares are already classified as natural conservation. The objective is to reach 16.0 thousand hectares by the end of this decade, as defined in the “2030 Commitment”.