Clime to Go a race for our planet

21 out 2021

Climes to Go a race for our planet

The Altri Group is one of the participants in the Climes to Go race. A race against time to fight climate change, towards Glasgow, which in November will host the United Nations Conference on Climate Change - COP26.

The Climes to Go initiative is a competition between three teams of 4 people who, starting on October 22, will travel between Cascais and Glasgow in the most sustainable way possible and with the greatest positive impact on communities.

Among the three themes chosen for the teams (water, energy and sustainable production and consumption), the Altri team is dedicated to water and the use of water resources, an area where the company is an international benchmark. One of its industrial units – Celbi, in Figueira da Foz – is the pulp production unit that uses the least amount per ton of pulp produced. In the 2030 Commitment, the Group commits to halving the 2018 reference values, that is, to using only 10 cubic meters of used water.

During the trip, the teams will have to monitor both their water footprint and their carbon footprint, as well as respond to previously defined challenges. Each team will also have a climate budget (a fictitious currency that evaluates their choices) that they will lose or gain according to the various options along the trip (water consumption, means of transport used, food, accommodation and performance when performing the challenges and tasks). The winning team will be the one that finishes the competition with the highest balance.

Among the objectives of this race are the mobilization of Portuguese society for the urgent climate transition, through an invitation to direct participation in an appealing and challenging way; Demonstrate that the path of decarbonization towards carbon neutrality is possible, necessary and inevitable; Show the feasibility of different modes of transport (as an alternative to fossil fuels) to travel long distances; Demonstrate the influence of lifestyles on our carbon footprint, analyzing the impact of our choices and behaviors on our daily lives and alerting us to the need for adaptation, taking into account the effects of climate change, especially in more vulnerable locations.

The teams will make reports of their trip that will be published on the project's social networks, ensuring the dissemination of the competition and the challenges and solutions achieved.

The trip, which ends on 2 November, will culminate in a side event at COP26 in Glasgow, where attendees will have the opportunity to share their experience.

A viagem, com final a 2 de novembro, culminará num side Event na COP26 em Glasgow, onde os participantes terão a oportunidade de partilhar a sua experiência.