The Plantar Água project

03 ago 2021

It will run from 2019-2022 and seek to return all lost environmental services to the territory and its communities.

Through specific Mediterranean ecological restoration techniques and best forest management practices, 100 ha of 6 plots affected by the 2012 forest fires will intervene at the Barranco da Corte / Ribeira da Foupana site, parish of Cachopo - municipality of Tavira.

The prior goals of the intervention are the ecological restoration of the Foupana stream and its slopes, with a view to restore ecological functions and aspects, the replace of spontaneous flora and contribute to the improvement of the water and soil cycle.

In the Forest’s replacement, the plantation of 50 thousand trees and shrubs stands out, benefiting, recovering and installing forest stands and adapting them to the impacts of climate change, in particular the risk of rural fire.