Support for Young People at Risk of Failure and School Abandonment

03 ago 2021

The Association of Entrepreneurs for Social Inclusion (AESI) has been providing additional incentives and support to promote the social inclusion of young people at risk of failure or dropping out of school. In order to tackle its purpose, AESI offers a set of social grants to reward good practices of social inclusion and academic merit

Caima, a company belonging to the Altri group, inspired by the initiative, during the academic year 2020/2021, will finance two merit grants for students in the municipality of Constância who have completed secondary education and continue their studies in higher education.

At the same time, and following the impacts of the pandemic, Caima participated in the campaign to donate computers and Internet access, a campaign through which it financed five laptops that were handed by students from Constância and Torres Novas, in an effort to promote digital inclusion of the most vulnerable students.